Gawker Blocker

I don't need to go into why I hate the Gawker assortment of websites (God, I hope that link is correct because I can't follow it!). You don't have to go into why you hate Gawker either (but you can. This is why I have a Contact page). Suffice to say, I decided to do something cathartic.

I'm blocking them. I'm going to tell you how to as well.

I have the mac directions done and Windows 7 as well. Time permitting, I will cover other OSes and other means of accomplishing the same goal (along with some productivity tips to make you into a more amazing person).

If you are wondering how you could posibly use this knowledge...start using these tips to block ad networks, political sites, Mashable, religious sites (at least the ones you don't agree with), and especially the Social Media Monkey! Seriously, you can block any site, for any reason, and get so much more work done. You could even block porn sites so your kids will spend more time with the family (and less time locked in their rooms demanding privacy!).

I wasn't going to go into into why I hate Gawker, but I think Nick Denton is a douchebag. There you have it. Since you're here I presume you have your own reasons.

Christopher L. Jorgensen

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